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Study Visa in Turkey from Pakistan allows you to study for the duration of your studies program. Even, student visa can be extended upon the need of students and approval of the Government. Study Visa doesn’t only give you a degree but also give you an experience of diversified culture and living standard. Turkey offers study visa to offshore applicants in very cheap cost however the ultimate purpose of students always to set a winning career in the home country or in a degree-awarded country.

SPARK Consulting offers the services of a study visa from Pakistan. Our education advisors guide you the entire process step-by-step according to your intending country, course, and financial budget.

Study in Turkey - SPARK Consulting

Study Visa Requirements

To avail the Student Visa, the individuals are required to meet certain criteria before applying for the visa.

  • Meets health and character requirements
  • Acceptable Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • Recognized and valid academic certificates

Study Visa Benefits

Range of study programs

Students can get enrolled in renowned & government institutions of Turkey and choose the better options of higher studies programs to pursue further studies abroad on Study Visa from Pakistan. Certainly, they learn the world-class teaching methodologies in English as well and tutorials based learnings.

Part-time jobs while studying

During studying in Turkey, students can bear their educational and living expenses by doing a few hours of part-time jobs throughout the week. Moreover, they have a chance to do full-time work during the semester break or official holidays. However, language is the main barrier in Turkey so the students can avail job opportunities if they have some commend on the Turkish language.

Better Career Opportunities

After successful completion of the studies, students have more career opportunities in their home country, as well as students, can get the job offer from Turkish employer if they wish to more stay in Turkey.

A Pathway to Permanent Residency

After completing a certain time in Turkey, students can be eligible to apply for Citizenship. Onshore studies help the students in getting the dream goal in comparison to overseas immigration applicants.

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