This is the Terms and Conditions upon which Spark Consulting Immigration Services (Herein mentioned as Spark Consulting IS or Spark Consulting ) has based all its agreements with its clients as describes will offer its services to its CLIENT(s) on the stated locations of our offices.

Please note that Spark Consulting IS holds the right to revise the terms and conditions at any point in time without notice.

Wherein, Spark Consulting is the service provider, eager to extend its services to its CLIENT and both parties have mutually agreed on the terms and conditions included herewith.

Definition of client?

Any person or group of persons who made any form of payment to Spark Consulting after signing a client agreement.

Spark Consulting and the CLIENT will collectively be referred to as parties or both parties.

It is hereby agreed that the CLIENT appoints Spark Consulting to prepare his/her case for the purpose of immigration or study abroad. Spark Consulting acknowledges the same and agrees to provide assistance to the CLIENT with his/her immigration/study visa application using the best of its efforts and knowledge.


Spark Consulting shall provide the CLIENT with consultation and assistance regarding his/her case using the standards operating procedures set forth by the company for handling cases in its office policy

Meetings, both for the purpose of consultation or case preparation may be coordinated and arranged at the office premises; over the phone or via Skype with Spark Consulting highly qualified Consultants and/or Case Officers.

Spark Consulting shall use the best of their knowledge and expertise to strengthen the case of the CLIENT(s)

It shall also be noted that Spark Consulting works in the best interest of the client, however, it does not, in any way, guarantee successful result of any application which depends on the timely provision of documents and information by the clients to Spark Consulting as well as the fact that the same is being supplied as per requirements of the official assessing authority while Spark Consulting does not, in any way guarantee any change or usage of any policy of the official assessing or decision making authority in terms of getting a positive outcome.


The CLIENT shall pay the total amount of consultancy fees charged by Spark Consulting as per Terms and conditions of the CLIENT SERVICE AGREEMENT to provide its professional services to the CLIENT. It shall also be noted that this Client Service fee does not include fees charged by any government body /official authorities as mention is the clause no.6 “GOVERNMENT BODY AND OTHER ASSOCIATED FEES”


The CLIENT hereby acknowledges the fact that the duration required to process his/her case is not in control of Spark Consulting as it depends on several factors which include but are not limited to verification and submission of documents and other related factors.

The CLIENT further agrees to provide all documents in the most authentic form required as per the official documents checklist provided to the client by Spark Consulting at the time of registration or any correspondence during or after completion of any application process.

Spark Consulting shall not be responsible and the service fee charged shall not be refunded in circumstances where the CLIENT(s) decides to withdraw his/her case due to any reason or the case of the CLIENT(s) turns out to be unsuccessful due to reasons which may include forgery, fake documentation or other criminal reason that do not submit to the rules and regulations put forward by the relevant governing bodies, inability to attend the medical test or not to respond to the questions in the interview call properly.

The CLIENT shall provide all facts and details about his/her case accurately and transparently to the official assessing or decision making authority.

Spark Consulting holds the right to obtain complete information included personal information of the client or his/her spouse or children or other family member(s) either they are part of the application of not, immigration/ traveling history along with other relevant information from the CLIENT in order to understand the client’s case comprehensively with all complete facts and details that are subject to change the outcome of the case.


The CLIENT agrees to provide valid proofs required to meet language requirements set under the criteria for eligibility of the immigration/ study program he/she is applying for and understands that the test recognized by the relevant authorities shall be taken at his/ her own expense. The CLIENT will provide such proof through undergoing the IELTS- International English Language Testing System or other similar accepted English language proficiency test by the governing body at his/her own expanses or any other language test including French Language.


The CLIENT further acknowledges that he/she will bear the fees charged by the relevant authorities for his/her assessment of qualification or skill, Expression of Interest (EOI), State /Regional Sponsorship, visa application by the governing body/ professional registration body, medical examination test, police clearance test, attestation or notarization or translation of his/her documents , courier, etc. as guided by Spark Consulting on amalgamated basis without arguing for a detailed invoice.

Spark Consulting shall not be held responsible for any changes in the policies made by the government or any other relevant authorities that may or may not affect the case of the CLIENT. Also, if the new policy revises the fee structure on the part of the applicant(s), the CLIENT(s) shall have to bear the same.


The CLIENT shall maintain ethical behavior towards Spark Consulting employees. Spark Consulting holds the right to revoke the agreement without any refund in case of misbehaving.


In case if any of the provided information or documentation is found to be fake, forged or inaccurate, Spark Consulting shall revoke the agreement immediately.


CLIENT agrees to cooperate with Spark Consulting and its representatives at all times in order to seek the common interest of the application before inheriting decisions based on change(s) in policies from relevant Governing Authorities.


The CLIENT agrees at all times, to provide all personal, financial, employment ,current registration with any governing body whether in home country or elsewhere and/or other information Spark Consulting shall require.

The CLIENT furthermore agrees upon the request of any governing body to provide that body with whatever information may be requested.

The CLIENT acknowledges that all information requested of him/her pursuant to this paragraph (10) must be disclosed in a timely, accurate, truthful, complete and full manner. **For greater certainty, if any information disclosed by the CLIENT is found to constitute misrepresentation, Spark Consulting may terminate this Agreement immediately by giving notice in writing to the CLIENT.


The United Arab Emirates shall govern the present Agreement. The parties hereto agree that they have requested this Agreement to be drafted in the English language


Both parties shall handle disputes in a way:

That they shall decide the method and time to conduct investigation of any dispute.

That the method of such investigation may include collection and production of facts and evidences from reliable sources and shall form part of the Dispute Report.

That Spark Consulting shall receive appropriate time to produce production of facts and evidences from reliable sources to solve the dispute.


In the event that the CLIENT chooses to terminate this Agreement prior to submitting the application to the concerned governing body or during the course of processing CLIENT agrees that the professional fee is not refundable.

In the event that Spark Consulting chooses to terminate this Agreement in accordance with the provisions of paragraph nine (10) of this Agreement, the full amount of the agreed fees as per paragraph fifteen (15) above will be non-refundable. The contract will be cancelled upon notice to the CLIENT by Spark Consulting of its decision to terminate this Agreement.


If any part of this Agreement or the Application thereof to any person or circumstances is, to any extent, held or rendered invalid, unenforceable or illegal the remainder of this Agreement or the Application of such part to persons under circumstances other than those with respect to which it is held invalid, unforeseeable or illegal is not affected thereby and continues to be applicable and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.


The CLIENT agrees to pay Spark Consulting and/or any Government a total non-refundable fee of the relevant amount and or Includes Services for Client, But doesn’t Include Governing body fees and all other related fees mentioned in Paragraph # 6).

Fees are allocated on account as follows until account is at zero balance: the client(s) will be offered different payment plans upon Spark Consulting Consultant(s) thus making it convenient for the client make his/her payments owed to Spark Consulting.

The CLIENT agree that he/she have applied under current rules and regulations, and he will not hold Spark Consulting or any of its representatives responsible for any future or retroactive changes introduced by governing body that negatively impact this application. If changes to regulations and rules affect this application, and he still qualify and wish to proceed, He agree to pay Spark Consulting any extra fees that may apply for the additional work.

The Client(s) is liable to claim for a refund in a case where:

Spark Consulting and its representatives have provided false and or wrong / untruthful information with regards to his/her application/case resulting in a negative decision.

Unable to secure the CLIENT(s) Visa/Migration due to the company’s misguidance and or negligence.

Please note that a client will not be issued a refund should the client wish to end their agreement with the company before the time of Spark Consulting submitting the clients Immigration and or Visa application. A refund will only be issued once the relevant Governing body has provided a negative decision on the client’s case. The refunds will be processed on to the original mode of payment.