Australia vs Canada: Where Should Move as an Immigrant?

Australia VS Canada is a long debate for migrating as immigrants, these are two main destinations for aspirants of immigration whenever they make the plan to migrate. Researchers suggest that there are similar economic situations in Australia and Canada, and both countries have identical prospects for immigration. However, the differences exist in permanent residency processes, policies, employment opportunities, cost of living, citizenship and monthly wages etc. 

Have a look at our comparison of immigration programs between Australia vs Canada Immigration for migrating as immigrants, and determine which immigration program gives you better options!

People from South Asian countries apply for immigration to get better economic opportunities than their native land, and in most cases, they are successful. It is crucial to study immigrant life in Australia or Canada before putting forward the application.

Australian Skilled Migration Program and Canadian Skilled Worker program (including Express Entry and Provincial Nomination Program) are two most popular immigration programs to attract professionals who having certain work experience, education, English language skills, and age.

The first thing which makes Australian Immigration appealing is the immigration policy and permanent residency processes. The Australian immigration system is friendly and the permanent residence processes are more transparent then Canadian immigration. Immigrants can check the status of their files at every step. The process of getting a permanent residence is also quicker as compared to Canada. However, The cost of permanent residence is higher in Australia.

Secondly, concerning job opportunities, both countries are on the same page. However, the job markets in Canada have more white-collar job opportunities while blue-collar job opportunities are higher in Australia. The monthly wages of Australian immigrants are higher, but the cost of living in Canada is comparatively cheaper, which makes the management of expenses easier as compared to Australia.

Thirdly, It is also easier and faster to get citizenship in Canada. It requires only three years for becoming a citizen of Canada, but it takes four years to get citizenship in Australia. The Canadian passport is also more powerful than the Australian passport, and it enables you to visit 161 countries without a passport.

Both countries are run several streams of these two programs, in which few don’t need any job offer or family sponsorship. However, there is a points-based system to determine the eligibility of applicants. In Australia, the pass mark is 65 while in Canada the pass mark is 67 points.

It is general compassion of Australia and Canada Immigration program for your understanding, please determine your eligibility by our online points calculator meet our experts to discuss your case and options.